SATA - Southern Africa Telecommunications Association

Centres of Excellence

The Centres of Excellence are Southern Africa Telecommunications Association certified training institutes with expertise through which high-quality training and education are developed and provided for the region. Through the Centres of Excellence, a high level of collaboration occurs between operators, universities and other organisations in SADC and the rest of the world

The Objectives - with funding from NORAD commenced in 2003 are to:

  1. undertake and provide highly innovative and potentially transformational training and research that aims to achieve 'International Standards' in the fields of Telecommunications and ICT
  2. develop relationships and build new networks with the ITU Centres of Excellence and other major national and international centres to help strengthen training, achieve global competitiveness and gain recognition for SADC
  3. provide high-quality training environments for the next generation of experts
  4. move from being Cost Centres into Standalone Profit Centres

Accredited (Certfied) Network of Centers of Excellence

Telkom Centers for Learning, South Africa

TelOne Center for Learning, Zimbabwe

Instituto de Formacao (IFT), Mozambique

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